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Richard Fortus, guitariste des Guns N’ Roses
I’d like to thank X Japan and their fans for the kindness and generosity they showed me while i was in Japan. It was such an incredible honor to be asked to share their stage! This was an event that i will never forget. The last night especially was [...]

Richard Fortus (guitariste de Guns ‘N Roses) jouera avec X Japan

20, mar 2008

Richard Fortus, Axl Rose and Tommy Stinson of Guns n Roses - CC Eammon
Après Wes Borland de Limp Bizkit, c’est au tour de Richard Fortus, guitariste des Guns ‘N Roses, d’annoncer sur son site officiel sa présence aux trois concerts d’X Japan.
Ca commence à avoir de la gueule =].

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